• Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

    Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

    This is the second of a series of drawings I’m currently working on illustrating Lewis Carroll’s second Alice book, entitled: “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There”. Estimated time for completion of the series is January 2025.



    I have a book collecting images of my drawing series: Alice In Wonderland!
    It is available for purchase on Amazon. There are 2 editions, both include reproductions of my series of drawings based on “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” and written verses that accompany them. It is Alice’s story told in a re-imagined way.
    The 1st edition is entitled “Alice In Wonderland” and has a cover with a large Alice and is the standard edition, it sells for $12.95(66 pages). The 2nd edition has the cover with Alice reaching, this is the “Artist’s Edition” and is entitled “Alice In Wonderland: A Series Of Drawings And Verses” it includes my commentary about each drawing in the series. This edition sells for $18.65(76 pages). I think it’s an interesting piece of work and fairly original in its execution. So, pick it up if you’re interested. ON SALE NOW. Makes a great gift for ANY occasion! Thanks!

  • A Review of my book Alice In Wonderland

    Afrocentric Alice in Wonderland illustrated by Cavin Jones @cavinj7 published by Amazon in 2020

    This is by far the most original & refreshing depiction of Alice: instead of a young girl, we have a mature woman of colour wearing comfortable leggings, completely at ease in her own skin, modern & au courant, a marvelous contrast to the bland & hackneyed Alices repeated in cookie-cutter fashion in hundreds of conventional editions.

    Richard Wagner exhorted people to create new & original art: »Kinder, schafft Neues!«. Cavin Jones has certainly done that with this wonderfully iconoclastic version:

    "I see my work as a catalyst to stimulate thought & promote discussion about various issues prevalent in society."

    He also wrote new verses for each picture, with innovative visual typography.

    Afrocentric culture is represented through masks & statues, & black/white patterns:

    1: Cover: Alice reaches for the key on the glass table

    2: The rabbit hole has a Chokwe mask:
    "the African mask is less of a covering than an interstice, an opening through which to glimpse the spirit world.​"

    3: Alice expands in Rabbit's house, which has the same b/w wallpaper as Alice's leggings. Cheshire Cat is reflected in the mirror

    4: Zebra Caterpillar

    5: Cook & breastfeeding Duchess are African mask statues:
    “There is a particular kind of art in Africa, which is unique to the continent & can be found nowhere else in the world. It is an art exemplified by the mask, & the masquerade in which the mask is used.”— D. Duerdon

    6: Cheshire Cat on a geometrical tree

    7: Tea Party with Hatter, a female guest instead of Hare, & Dormouse in an elephant mask:
    “When fully activated, masks become ‘spirits made tangible’.”
    — West African masquerader, curator, artist, & art historian, Chika Okeke-Agula

    8: The card painters are dressed like soldiers from the famous Benin Bronzes

    9: The Queen & her court are all various African statues come to life, including the celebrated Senufo carvings

    10: Court scene: "Through the medium of masks, Dogon dancers carve out an opening into ancestral, spiritual worlds, urging souls onward to the afterlife"

    Philadelphia artist Cavin Jones has created finely executed works of art which stand on their own as afrocentric pictorial fantasy. The effect can be startling. Mr. Jones has also written short verses that accompany each image, creating its own self contained story.The writing is gentle, evocative, humorous and interesting.

    -SEMPER LUXUS *Instagram

  • St. Vincent's Catholic Church Mural Project

    St. Vincent's Catholic Church Mural Project

    This panel is the first of fourteen paintings, now installed, I completed as a commission for St. Vincent's Catholic Church in Germantown, Philadelphia. Time of completion was June 2022.